One thought on “WBHS1927

  1. I feel sure that the boy six in from the right in the front row is my Dad, Walter Verdun Barlow. His 11th. birthday was in March 1927, so I’m assuming that this would have been his first (autumn) term, and taken on a sunny autumn day, judging by the fallen leaves. I’m pretty certain that Dad did not have a copy of this; if he had, we would have known. And it’s too late to remind him now, of course, because he died in 1994. However, I am absolutely delighted to have discovered it. His family lived in Perry Street in Darlaston, and the Barlow Crescent just down the road was “opened” by one of his uncles, who was Mayor. His Uncle Bert (HJB) made his fortune from “bright drawn steel nuts and bolts”, and, for a time, owned Wolverhampton Theatre.

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