Billy Budd (May 1968)

Last updated: 4 August 02

With thanks to Nigel Smith (1962-69) for the photograph and notes, and to Alan Gutteridge who, exhibiting the tenacity of a starving private detective, managed to ferret out the correct date, after many sleepless nights!


Probably from the Wednesbury Borough News (or another West Midlands Press publication)

Left to right as you look at the picture:

John Rowley, Peter Horley, David Johnson, Terry Smith (Jenkins, I think, Captain of the main-top), Malcolm Gilbey (Billy Budd – complete with noose), John Chorley (behind Gilbey), Nigel Smith (O’Daniel, maintopman), Peter Chawner, Colin Joyce (Claggart, Master-at Arms), and Trevor Stone.

Jim Croton gives us a look behind the scenes, including what happened to Malcolm Gilbey (Billy Budd) immediately after the above photograph!

Nice to think that memories of my performance as Captain Vere still resonate down the years! According to my Collins Students Diary for 1968, “Billy Budd” was performed on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, the 9th, 10th & 11th of May. (For trivia fans , the Dress Rehearsal took place on Sunday 5th May, between 10am & 5pm, following exhaustive rehearsals throughout March & April).

Dave Walker






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My thanks to Dave Walker for providing this.