CSK’s school log

Although ECW’s writing was initially difficult to read, and remained impossible to scan, it was even and well-formed, and I eventually got used to it. Unfortunately, despite trying for some time to decipher CSK’s writing, I have been frequently defeated by the odd word, which would cause the whole phrase to be meaningless. So I have decided to present his logs as scans of the pages. This allows you to see the haphazard nature of the entries (with frequent and wide gaps in the dates).

I suspect the log was started as a result of an inspector telling him he had to comply with the “Schools Registers and Records administrative memoramdum (sic) No 301, October 1948″. This said that the following registers and records should be kept:

  • Admission Registers
  • Attendance Registers
  • School Record
  • A Punishment Book in which all cases of corporal punishment must be recorded.

It went on to describe what was to be recorded in the School Record, though there was little evidence of such details in CSK’s logs and only occasional examples in ECW’s!

I have ECW’s Punishment Book (from which I shall be drawing anonymous extracts soon) ….

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