CSK 1956 final term

Sadly this fades away during October 1956, rather than recording his increasing sadness as the time to retire approaches.

One thought on “CSK 1956 final term

  1. CSK was obviously sad at his approaching retirement but that is not what comes over to me in his Log. I have just read the Log again for the first time since it was first posted and two things are apparent to me. Firstly CSK was very ill. He regularly mentions his chest problems that are also referred to the previous Winter. He regularly says how ill he felt and even that he had trouble standing at times. The other thing that is mentioned regularly is sport. Not just School matches but form games afternoons and a note of how very often games were cancelled because of the field being too wet. The Chess Club and chess matches are also mentioned. There is hardly any mention of the academic progress of the School, no mention for instance of university places gained.

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