ECW log for 1957

Spring Term 1957

First page of ECW's Headmaster's Official School Log
First page of ECW's Headmaster's Official School Log
  • 1 Jan: First day of commencement of duties as Headmaster of the School in succession to Mr C S Kipping, MA, FCS, who retired last term after 32 years as Headmaster.
  • 2-8 Jan: General organisation of School; introduction of new 40-period timetable to cover the new 5-day week; numbering of classrooms carried out. Various small works carried out including new ducts in Chemistry laboratory.
  • 9 Jan: Commencement of the new term; general outline of school rules given in assembly; new organisation of 5-period morning and 3-period (each of 40 minutes) afternoon; times of day altered to entry at 8.50, registration at 8.55, assembly 9 to 9.10, break 11.10 to 11.20, lunch 12.40 to 1.50, registration 1.55, lessons 2 to 4. Evening detention on Tuesdays. Special detention on Saturdays mainly for breaking rules. Staff meeting 4.15 to 6.10 to outline new policies. Mr Jordan joined the staff as a temporary (2 terms) replacement of Mr Rae, taking Geography, Science and Games mainly.
  • 15 Feb: Decoration of the Study.
  • 12 Mar: Four members of staff and senior boys took part in the performance of the St Matthew Passion at Wolverhampton.
  • 15 Mar: Appointment of Mr Hollingsworth for German.
  • 25 Mar: Death of Clive Rogers of IIIM after long illness.
  • 28 Mar: With Mr Powell and two boys, attended funeral of Rogers.
  • 4 Apr: Speech Day at 2.30. Guest of Honour, Prof Sykes.
  • 8 Apr: School visit to Stratford for “As You Like It”.
  • 9 Apr: Death of Mr Jarman after 24 years as Caretaker. Funeral 12 April.

Summer Term 1957

It is interesting to note that ECW managed an entry on every school day, even though some merely said “normal school day” or “nothing to report”. However, the entries were obviously not written daily, as on 22 May he records 3 canings, followed by 4 Jun and 9 Jul entries of canings, resuming with 23 May and normal chronological order.

  • 2 May: Commencement of Summer Term. 301 pupils on roll.
  • 16 May: Mr Davis’s interview for Senior English post at King’s Hill.
  • 21 May: Appointment of new caretaker, Mr Price (aged 46) to commence on 1st June (if possible).
  • 27 May: Mr Denman secures a new post at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Mansfield(?).
  • 24 Jun: Price commences his duties.
  • 25 Jun: Visit of Furze’s representative to discuss building of the stage.
  • 27 Jun: Visit of junior boys to the matinee of Julius Caesar at Stratford.
  • 2 Jul: Further interviews for History post. Mr Hillaby offered post.
  • 6 Jul: Sports Day. Mayor and Mayoress attended to present new certificates and trophies given by Parents’ Association. Very good weather and several records made.
  • 12 Jul: Interview for the English post for 1 term in the first instance. Mr Childs offered post.
  • 18 Jul: Visit to Stratford to see King John.

Winter Term 1957

  • During the Summer Holidays work was commissioned and completed in renewing six floors, namely rooms 4, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 15. The Hall floor and platform also sanded off. All new floors, existing floors and corridors were sealed and polished, and the School cleaned in preparation for the commencement of term.
  • Examination results were described in detail for almost a page.
  • Throughout this term ECW noted signs of Asian Flu, and recorded absences daily. At its worst (27 Sep) 87 boys were absent.
  • 11 Sep: Commencement of new term. 60 new boys admitted; 4 new staff. Total on roll was 318 – the highest yet recorded. Sixth form of 33, with possible additions in January when certain boys who have been left down in the 5th form have passed November exams. Whole school now regraded into A and B forms according to ability, except in 5A and 5B where the division has been made to group those who take Physics and Chemistry separately, and those who take Phys-w-Chem, Latin or German. School has also regrouped into 4 Houses – Wood Green, Manor, Lodge and Oakeswell – on basis of equality of numbers. House colours: Wood Green – green, Lodge – red, Manor – blue, Oakeswell – yellow.
  • 14 Sep: Visit of school to Stratford to see The Tempest. Attendance of boys not too good, and coach party had to be made up by a number of outsiders.
  • 16 Sep: Announced Head Boy, Vice Head Boy, prefects and sub-prefects. [Names are available if anyone wants them.]
  • 18 Sep: Old Boys’ Meeting at night: arrangements provisional for annual dinner; arrangements for C S Kipping Head Prefect’s Prize – excess of presentation fund to be made up to £50 and invested to provide annual sum (£2.5.0 in first instance) for book prize to Head Prefect. Other monies used to provide 2 new cups for presentation at Speech Day.
  • 24 Sep: Visit of Horne Bros – discussed new school cap, badge and tie for sub-prefects.
  • 1 Oct: Representative from Furze to discuss final plans for stage.
  • 9 Oct: Visit of Mr Simcox [Chief Education Officer] and Ministry official to assess the requirements to bring the school up to the normal required for a modern 2-form entry school.
  • 10 Oct: Visit of Mr Simcox to discuss the intention to change from a series of minor projects covering a period of several years, to a major project. Suggested additions: 2 classrooms, 2 labs, gym, small hall, metal/woodwork, library, art and craft room, 2 small rooms, hard courts on present site, re-adjustment of cycle sheds and development of playground.
  • 25 Oct: Speech Day – Guest of Honour the Very Rev M Clarke, Provost of Birmingham. Excellent attendance of some 600. Excellent speech and general standards thoughout good.
  • 19 Nov: Visit to Town Hall to discuss use of Borough coat of arms for school badges, etc.
  • 25 Nov: Governors Meeting at 2.30. Among several proposals were the authorisation of spending of an estimated £1,550 on the development of the school field (levelling of the Wood Green site), sealing up of the Air Raid shelters with possible removal later, and estimated £35,000 on the major building project. Proposed additions Hall (1200 sqft), Library (960), 2 form rooms (each 500), 2 science labs (each 960), art/craft room (960), and wood/metalwork room (1000).

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