ECW log for 1958

Spring Term 1958

  • 8 Jan: Visit of Messrs Brookes to give estimate for extension of staging.
  • 10 Jan: Visit of Meals Supervisor to investigate possibility of hot drinks for boys eating cold lunches. About 12 boys agree to pay for hot drinks – not sufficient to warrant employment of special kitchen helper. Office notified. G10 done and sent.
  • 13 Jan: Visit of 2 representatives from Messrs Furze, Nottingham, to make final arrangements for stage and colour scheme – erection date Feb 18th. Contacted Office re permanent extension.
  • 18 Feb: Erection of stage commenced – work to take about one week.
  • 4 Mar: Junior caps received and ready for sale. Sub-prefects ties presented.
  • 12 Mar: School photograph taken at 9.30am.
  • 20 Mar: Stamp Club meeting: talk and display “To Morocco and Back” by Mr Hillaby. Bayliss received result of Choral Scholarship – finished in last 6 at King’s (0nly 1 offered, none at St John’s).
  • 29 Mar: Three one-act plays presented – “Everyman”, “X-O”, and “2 Gentlemen of Soho”.

Summer Term 1958

  • 24 Apr: Warning on Halt Sign at end of St Paul’s Road given again owing to boys disobeying sign.
  • 29 Apr: Senior caps arrived and on sale.
  • 29 May: Arrangements made with Rev Tutt for our first Annual Commemoration Service to be held in his church [St Paul’s].
  • 8 Jul: Historical Society outing to visit “3 castles of Wales”
  • 18 Jul: All school teams photographed. School assembled at St Paul’s Church for Founder’s Day Service which commenced at 7.15pm. Archdeacon of Salop preached the sermon. Number of parents and friends present. Collection £11-0-4½; after expenses paid £5 to each of Lichfield Cathedral Restoration Fund and Dr Barnardo’s Children’s Homes.
  • 22 Jul: Swimming Sports held at Town Baths at 7.0pm.

Winter Term 1958

  • At the end of the holidays a visit of County and Local officials to assess the extent of the building programme to be undertaken to bring the school up to the standard required for a 2 FE Grammar School.
  • 3 Sep: Mr Jeavons commenced his duties as laboratory assistant; duties to be shared between ourselves and the Girls’ High School.
  • 11 Sep: Welcome Mr Trundle (of Birmingham University) to staff to teach French, German and Religious Instruction. Admit 64 boys in Form 1, 5 transfer (12+) in Form 2, 14 transfer (13+) in our new form 3T. Total number on registers 356. New chairs and desks (110); new blackout curtains in rooms 9, 10 and Secretary’s Office. Mr Brian Smyth appointed full-time to staff (Music and French form subjects). Hockey as alternative school game.
  • 25 Sep: First film show of Old Wodens’ Association attended by about 20-25 Old Boys and friends.
  • 29 Sep: Railway Society general meeting held.
  • 30 Sep: Harvest Festival held at assembly (response not so good this year – produce distributed to house-bound persons on advice of local doctors.)
  • 10 Oct: PA AGM – display of camping equipment purchased by PA at cost of £40.
  • 13 Oct: Ban on cycles.
  • 27 Oct: Had to attend Stafford Education Office with local divisional officer to study suggested plans of major building projects to be undertaken to bring school up to standard. While absent, representative from firm of builders came to inspect the Wood Green site to estimate the cost of building Police Superintendent’s house on this area of the field.
  • 30 Oct: Stamp Club Meeting: Mr Legge gave a display “100 years’ stamps of India and Ceylon”. Interviewing of candidates for kitchen helper on resignation of Mrs Nicholls.
  • 7 Nov: Speech Day. Guest of Honour, Professor Alan Gamwells (?) of North Staffs University, prizes presented by Mrs Gamwells. School Hall, Crush Hall and Room 4 used for audience of well over 700. Orchestra played for first time in Assembly.
  • 28 Nov: Further damage reported concerning a bicycle. Cycles banned for a whole week.
  • 13 Dec: Choir went to the War Memorial in the town to sing carols for the opening ceremony of the Rotary Christmas tree.
  • 16 Dec: House plays performed in the afternoon.
  • 19 Dec: End of term. Carol Service held in Hall during the afternoon. Mr Trundle to be married in holiday.

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