ECW log for 1965

Spring Term 1965

At the end of last term Mr Boyd left to go to the Priory School, Lichfield, and Mr Taylor to Bromyard. As no new appointments were possible arrangements were made for students from Birmingham University (Mr N A Josephs for Music and Mr J W McClure for Maths and Science) to do teaching practice here as from January 11th. Term started with 352 on registers. Mr Bradley absent following operation.

  • 6 Jan: Term starts. Stevenson awarded place at St John’s College, Cambridge, to read Modern Languages. Darby and Southall chosen for FA Schools week at Bognor Regis.
  • 8 Jan: Appointment following interview of Mr E M Enon (BSc).
  • 11 Jan: Students and Mr Enon commence duties.
  • 16 Jan: Two boys play for Staff U15 County Chess team.
  • 19 Jan: Chess 4½-1½ against Wednesfield.
  • 1 Feb: Interview for Music post (Mr Lees recommended).
  • 2 Feb: Chess match v Aldridge 5½-1½.
  • 22 Feb: Intermediate cross country individual winner, Wright. Chess v Willenhall, won 6-0.
  • 23 Feb: Junior cross country individual winner Parker.
  • 24 Feb: Senior cross country individual winner Murray.
  • 26 Feb: Field Club outing to Wyre Forest.
  • 5 Mar: Music recital given by Kerry Camden Trio.
  • 8 Mar: Dental survey of sample of pupils aged 15.
  • 10 Mar: Works visit to GKN. [The first recording of a works visit for a couple of years.]
  • 13 Mar: First XI defeat Stafford Police Cadets 7-1.
  • 23 Mar: Visit of 6th Form to B’ham Town Hall for talk by Prof Bindi on Relativity.
  • 25 Mar: Individual portraits of boys taken.
  • 1 Apr: Party of Sixth Form to “Winter’s Tale” at B’ham Rep.
  • 5 Apr: Arts Festival junior heats.
  • 6 Apr: Arts Festival senior heats. U15 won 5-4 v Holyhead Road in Charity Shield, U13 won 804 in Albion Shield.
  • 7 Apr: End of term. Staff leaver, Mr Jones.
  • 10-23 Apr: School trip to Switzerland and Italy.

Summer Term 1965

Term started with 345 on registers and no replacement for Mr Boyd (Music) and Mr Jones (Geography and Religious Instruction). Fortunately the services of a local Methodist minister, Rev J Henderson, were obtained to cover A- and O-level Scripture.

  • 27 Apr: Term starts. During holiday U14 defeated Stonefield 5-2 in Wolves Cup.
  • 28 Apr: Mr Hodgetts and Mr Glasgow present 290 Testaments (Gideon Society). Mr Edwards appointed to teach French and Spanish. Mrs Taylor appointed as Secretary.
  • 29 Apr-1 May: School play, “The Devil’s Disciple”.
  • 30 Apr: Mrs Swift, School Secretary, leaves.
  • 4 May: Sixth Geology go to Shropshire.
  • 8 May: Southall and Wright do well in NW Midlands inter grammar school sports at Aldersley.
  • 11 May: Cycling Proficiency practical test and talk. U15 win Albion Shield.
  • 12 May: Showing of “Hamlet” to whole school.
  • 14 May: Party of boys go for week’s camping at Coven.
  • 17 May: Mrs Taylor (Secretary) starts.
  • 2 Jun: Visit of workshop assistant (weekly), Mr Ball.
  • 19 Jun: Southall records 9.8 sec for 100 yds at Aldersley.
  • 21 Jun: Mr Baptist-Smith starts duties (Geog).
  • 26 Jun: Parents’ Assoc outing to London Airport. V0lleyball competition at Manchester.
  • 28 Jun: Southall and Wright chosen for AAA at Hendon.
  • 8 Jul: School sports held in evening.
  • 12 Jul: Showing of English Folk Dance film.
  • 14 Jul: Visit of party to Dept of Botany, Manchester.
  • 15 Jul: Mr Lees (Music) commences duties. Geographical outing to Lake District.
  • 17 Jul: Open Day and Parents’ cricket match.
  • 19 Jul: Navy film show. Two boys go for a week’s residential course in agriculture for school leavers.
  • 20 Jul: Swimming gala.
  • 21 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service – visiting preacher Rev Leonard E Sutch – collection £4-4-0 sent to Samaritans’ Telephone Service, W’ton. House plays and Sixth Form Revue.
  • 22 Jul: House plays and Sixth Form Revue.
  • 23 Jul: Term ends. Presentation to Mr Coatham who retires after 37 years at School; and to Mr Kent who leaves to take up another post. Mr Enon leaves after only 2 terms at the School. Appointment of Miss E W Todd-White to teach German.

Autumn Term 1965

Term starts with 364 boys on registers. New staff: Mr McClure to teach Physics, Mr Rimmer to teach Mathematics and Science (thus enabling Mr Johnson to be seconded to take course at Oxford University in October), Mr Edwards to teach French and Spanish, Miss Todd-White for German, Mr Baptist-Smith for Geography, and Mr Lees for Music. Also two language assistants, Herr Grieb and Mlle Nunge (shared Girls’ High).

  • 8 Sep: Presentation of Albion Shield medals to U15 XI.
  • 21 Sep: Biology field work on Cannock Chase.
  • 23 Sep: Geography field work in Shenstone area.
  • 28 Sep: Geography field work in Lichfield area. Choir rehearsal at Girls’ School.
  • 5 Oct: School exhibition in town (all week) – choir gives performance.
  • 6 Oct: School defeat Darlaston in Swimming Gala.
  • 11 Oct: Geology field work.
  • 20 Oct: Hockey match v Girls’ High 5-0.
  • 26 Oct: Railway Society outing down South. Interview for Deputy Head. Mr Freeman-Jones appointed.
  • 28 Oct: Horne Bros display of male wear and film.
  • 2 Nov: Geography field work at Church Stretton.
  • 3 Nov: Part of 40 to ABC Cinema, B’ham. [To see “The Greatest Story Ever Told” epic.]
  • 4 Nov: Speech Day. Guest of Honour and speaker, Rt Rev George Sinker, Provost of Birmingham.
  • 5 Nov: Parents’ Association bonfire night.
  • 9 Nov: Biology and Geology field work in Snowdon area.
  • 17 Nov: School closed for Staffordshire selection tests.
  • 22 Nov: British Oxygen film shown.
  • 23 Nov: Visit to Stratford to see “Hamlet”.
  • 25 Nov: Lecture on steel (British Steel Federation).
  • 25 Nov: Science Society showing of films “Ammonia” and “Dreaming of yachts”.
  • 7 Dec: Meeting at West Bromwich Education Office.
  • 9 Dec: Parents’ Social Evening.
  • 13 Dec: Henderson chosen to play in Northern England U17 Volleyball team after display at Liverpool on 11th. Sixth Form won in tournament held at Smethwick.
  • 14 Dec: Fur and feather whist drive. Choir and madrigals.
  • 17 Dec: Choir rehearsal at St Bart’s Church.
  • 21 Dec: Recital of Christmas Music at St Bart’s – collection £5 for charity.
  • 22 Dec: Tragic and sudden death of Mr McClure. Funeral service of Old Boy, J Ford. End of Term. Departure of Mr Anderton for Deputy Headship at Middlesborough (?).
  • 24 Dec: Funeral of Mr McClure.

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