ECW log for 1968

Spring Term 1968

Number on roll at commencement of term = 338.

  • 8 Jan: Term starts. Meeting of junior school French teachers. Arrangement for two staff to help out at the Girls’ High School.
  • 15 Jan: Meeting of the re-formed Jazz Club.
  • 17 Jan: Visit of orchestra (Authority instrumental teachers) for programme of music for forms 1 to 4.
  • 22 Jan: Director’s meeting.
  • 27 Jan: First XI defeat Leek in Staffordshire schools final.
  • 9 Feb: Meeting of parents of pupils taking Authority’s 11+ selective tests.
  • 14 Feb: Sixth Form visit to Dawley Newtown.
  • 15 Feb: Party of Lower Sixth to the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham to see “The House …..?” by Harold Pinter. House quiz for forms 1 to 4.
  • 17 Feb: Fourth round of ESFA cup – First XI defeat Chipping Sodbury (Gloucestershire champions).
  • 21 Feb: Sixth Form General Studies lecture on Trades Unions by outside speaker.
  • 26 Feb: Sixth Form General Studies course at Ingestre.
  • 28 Feb: First XI defeated in ESFA by Cheshire champions.
  • 29 Feb: Geography fieldwork – local survey of traffic.
  • 7 Mar: Sixth Form social.
  • 8 Mar: Sixth Form visit to primary schools to study immigrant problem.
  • 14 Mar: NSPCA fashion show held in Hall.
  • 15 Mar: Youth hostelling for 30 senior boys and girls at Dolgelly.
  • 20 Mar: 10 Sixth formers attend matinee performance of Hamlet and evening lecture of NATE on Othello at Birmingham University.
  • 25 Mar: Mr Watkins on a course at Oxford. Mrs Isles joins staff in temporary capacity to teach German.
  • 3 Apr: Fifth form to Coventry Belgrade to see Henry V. Lower School History trip to York. Visit of Mayor to school.
  • 4 Apr: Performance of Nelson Mass by choir in St Bartholomew’s.
  • 5 Apr: End of term. Mrs Isles terminates the temporary work.
  • 8-18 Apr: Party of 41 boys and 3 staff go to Calafell, Spain.

Summer Term 1968 (reproduced in full)

First page of final WBHS term log
First page of final WBHS term log

This is the final term of the School known as Wednesbury Boys’ High School as in September the School is to be combined with Wood Green County Secondary Modern to form for one year (at least, depending on the approval or otherwise, of the Authority plans for secondary reorganisation). This brings to an end the boys’ Grammar School that has existed in Wednesbury since September 1924.

[It is interesting that ECW lost his thread in that very long first sentence…. I think he should have added “Wood Green Bilateral School” after the brackets. What a pity he didn’t include more details – such as the arrival of girls in the sixth form and, that with that notable exception, initially the old WBHS was going to remain a separate unit for several months.]

Number on roll at commencement of term = 338.

  • 22 Apr: Term starts. PA committee meeting.
  • 23-24 Apr: Interviews for posts in reorganised amalgamation of Wednesbury schools. Geography film at lunchtime.
  • 24 Apr: Visit to Birmingham Rep to see Othello.
  • 25 Apr: Director’s meeting. Geography film at lunchtime.
  • 29 Apr: Sixth Form meeting. PA Committee meeting. Geography film at lunchtime. Meeting with Mr Statham [then Head of Wood Green Sec Mod] re stock, etc.
  • 30 Apr: Meeting at Girls’ High School with Miss Nash [then Headmistress of the Girls’ High] re what is to be handed over.
  • 1 May: Orchestra practice.
  • 3 May Heads of departments meeting. Spanish O orals.
  • 4 May: Interviews for posts in new school.
  • 6 May: Visit to Birmingham Rep to see St Joan. U15 win Wednesbury Charity Shield v Bilston.
  • 7 May: U14 draw in final of Wolves Cup v Marsh End.
  • 8 May: Orchestra practice. Appointment of Needlework mistress. [Possibly Nita Taylor, who played Katisha in the new school’s first musical, “The Mikado” in April 1970.]
  • 9-11 May: Performance of Billy Budd. [See old site’s drama section for photos and programmes.]
  • 13-15 May: Junior orchestra at Ingestre. Wolves Cup replay ends in a draw – cup held for 6 months. On May 11 P Kelly won the U17 110yds hurdles junior medal at Addersley.
  • 14 May: Conference of Heads at Birmingham University.
  • 15 May: Visit to West Oxfordshire Centre of Advanced Education at Witney to see integrated courses College/Grammar school.
  • 16 May: High Schools heads meeting with Director. Town athletic relay heats.
  • 20 May: Governors meeting. PA Committee. French O orals.
  • 21 May. French and German O orals. Junior heats for Sports Day.
  • 22 May: Orchestra rehearsal. Intermediate and senior heats.
  • 23 May: Town athletic heats.
  • 24 May: Canal boat cruise (2 boats) – Parents’ Association. BCG vaccinations. Music A-level practical at Edgbaston.
  • 25 May: Sports Day – postponed because of weather.
  • 27 May: BCG vaccinations. Staff meeting of present staff appointed to Wood Green Bilateral school – outline of organisation.
  • 28 May: Start of GCE A-level.
  • 29 May: Meeting with parents of all pupils in 3rd and 4th forms. Orchestra practice.
  • 30 May: Interviews for various posts. Choir rehearsal at lunchtime.
  • 31 May: Start of half term.
  • 10 Jun: Return to school. Meeting with 5th and Lower Sixth girls at Girls’ High School. Interviews for German post.
  • 11 Jun: Meeting of Heads with Director. Lower Sixth visit to Peak District. Start of O-levels. Choir rehearsal.
  • 17 Jun: Mrs V A Taylor commences duty.
  • 19 Jun: Visit of 2nd form to a farm near Shire Oak. P Kelly chosen to represent Staffordshire in Schools AAA championships at Portsmouth.
  • 20 Jun: Meeting with parents of boys in forms 1 and 2.
  • 21 Jun: Swimming heats. 4th, 5th and 6th hostelling weekend at Brecon.
  • 24 Jun: School exams for forms 1-4. Interviews.
  • 25 Jun: Choir practice.
  • 27 Jun: Meeting with parents of girls coming to School from the Girls’ High School in September.
  • 29 Jun: PA annual outing to Wye Valley and Bristol Zoo.
  • 1 Jul: Meeting with parents of Wood Green S M pupils to give details of organisation for September. Geography field trip to Needwood Forest. Choir rehearsal. 4th form doubles tennis final.
  • 2 Jul: 4th form singles tennis final.
  • 3-4 Jul: History trip to Salisbury area.
  • 3 Jul: Meeting of all 5th and 6th going into Sixth Form next year at Girls High to explain arrangements.
  • 5-12 Jul: Camp at Christchurch, Forest of Dean.
  • 5 Jul: Speech Day. Guest of Honour, Mr Peter Archer MP, an old boy of the School.
  • 6 Jul: Open Day and Sports Day.
  • Final page of ECW WBHS log book
    Final page of ECW WBHS log book
  • 8 Jul: Open doubles tennis final. Staffordshire tennis match. Swimming gala held at Town baths in the morning.
  • 9 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service in St Paul’s Church – visiting preacher Rev L M Davies, Chaplain of Solihull School. Open singles final. Meeting with new parents of Form 1 in Wood Green S M Hall – explain organisation etc.
  • 10 Jul: Sixth Form Revue and House Plays.
  • 11 Jul: Building alterations to woodwork store room, back of stage and steps to boiler house commences. [ECW fails to say why – the construction of girls’ toilets!] Sixth Form Revue and rest of House Plays.
  • 12 Jul: End of term. Departure of Miss Jackson to Leicester University (to study for Dip Ed), Mr Wharton to industry and Mr Lees to Dudley Grammar School.
  • 15-26 Jul: Mixed party (boys and girls from both High Schools) to Lake District.

[How disappointing that the School and the log were allowed to fizzle out with such “ordinary” comments in the last term. I wonder if ECW actually recorded his thoughts and the significant activities anywhere else?…. I would also love to see ECW’s first entry in the new School’s log book in September 1968!]


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