ECW log for 1966

Spring Term 1966

During the Christmas holidays it was possible to make a temporary appointment (Mr G J Goodwin) for Physics to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr McClure. Mr Freeman-Jones commenced his duties as Deputy Headmaster. Term started with 357 boys on the registers.

[Chess matches and society meetings were recorded frequently during the year. Only the most interesting are shown below.]

  • 14 Jan: Film Society “Doctor in the House”
  • 19 Jan: Classical Music Society – “The organ of Liverpool Cathedral”
  • 9 Feb: Joint CEM meeting with Girls’ High (talk by orthodox Jew on Modern Judaism)
  • 14 Feb: Interview of Mr M J Wharton for Maths/Science
  • 16 Feb: Just-U portraits of all new boys. Classical Music Society – the Swingle Singers sing Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.
  • 3 Mar: School returns. Mr Wharton commences duties to teach Science and Maths.
  • 5 Mar: Sculpture by Martin Wolverson, an old boy of the School, and paid for by the Parents’ Association and Old Boys, erected in school grounds.
  • 8 Mar: Geological/Geographical work by Sixth Form on Cannock Chase.
  • 14 Mar: Six boys chosen to represent Midlands Under 18 volleyball squad.
  • 23 Mar: Party of 68 visit Birmingham Repertory Theatre to see “Twelfth Night”.
  • 25 Mar: Staff v school football match.
  • 28 Mar: Full choir rehearsal in St Bart’s Church.
  • 29 Mar: Choir present Mozart’s Requiem Mass in memory of John McClure in St Bartholomew’s Church.
  • 31 Mar: Departure of Mr Burhouse to Peterborough and Mr Watkins to Rochdale.

Summer Term 1966

During the Easter holidays a party of 26 boys and 2 staff went to Spain for the annual school journey (April 1st-12th): Paris for 2 days, then Floret-di-Mar (?), Spain. A party of 14 boys and 2 staff went youth-hostelling in the Lake District. Number of boys on roll at commencement of term = 345. No replacement for Mr Watkins. Mr Rimmer to take over duties of Mr Burhouse, and Mr Wharton, Mr Rimmer’s.

  • 18 Apr: Start of Summer Term. Party of 29 (PA) visit Birmingham Rep to see Twelfth Night.
  • 19 Apr: Mr Goodwin intimates leaving at end of this term.
  • 21 Apr: Mr Wharton starts a Photographic Society.
  • 25 Apr: Choir practice – start on music for visit to Gloucester Cathedral.
  • 26 Apr: French A-level orals at the James Watt Memorial Institute.
  • 27 Apr: In AAA Schools Championships held at Hendon, Wright finished 4th in the senior 440yds having record 51.3 sec to win his heat in the fastest time.
  • 2 May: Cycling proficiency tests.
  • 10 May: History visit to Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire, by a party of 45 junior boys.
  • 18 May: Interview for Physics post. Mr R B Hughes B Sc appointed.
  • 21 May: Sixth Form Club (joint venture with Girls’ High) Dance.
  • 28 May: Start of Whitsun Biology/Geology camp at Lyme Regis, Dorset.
  • 2 Jun: 30 boys went to Gloucester Cathedral and took part in a combined service.
  • 7 Jun: Lower Sixth Geography field work at Lichfield.
  • 11 Jun: Two coach loads (Parents’ Association and pupils) visit the Houses of Parliament (conducted tour by Mr J Stonehouse MP).
  • 13 Jun: Meeting of parents with new entrants for September.
  • 14 Jun: Pupils and staff attend orchestral concert (Polish Orchestra) in Town Hall in evening.
  • 15 Jun: Geographical survey of Lichfield.
  • 17 Jun: Party of boys go to Christchurch Camp for Biology field work.
  • 20 Jun: In the County sports held on Saturday, Wright won the 440 yards, Henderson 2nd in triple jump and Bray 2nd in long jump (at Aldersley), Kelly 3rd in U15 hurdles final.
  • 24 Jun: Mr Ladkin attends General Studies markers’ conference at Manchester.
  • 25 Jun: Parents’ Association visit to Stratford and the Theatre.
  • 27 Jun: Meeting with Director at Office.
  • 4 Jul: Mr R C Riley appointed to teach English in place of Mr Watkins. School won the West Midlands volleyball championship, defeating Moseley GS in the final.
  • 6 Jul: Sixth and Fifth Form social.
  • 7 Jul: Sports Day held during afternoon. Fourth Form doubles tennis final in morning.
  • 8 Jul: Swimming heats held at Town Baths – only swimmers attend. Open tennis finals in afternoon. Wright goes to Blackburn to represent Staffordshire in the All England championships (came 4th in finals having won fastest heat at 50.6 sec).
  • 9 Jul: Open Day with displays and Fourth Form tennis finals.
  • 11 Jul: Staff v school tennis match.
  • 12 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service in St Paul’s Church conducted by Rev D L C Waldron, Vicar of St Michael’s, Tividale. Open Doubles tennis final and junior house cricket matches.
  • 13 Jul: Staff v School cricket match. Open tennis singles finals.
  • 14 Jul: Swimming Sports in Town Baths.
  • 15 Jul: End of term. Mr Johnson not returning from Oxford. Mr Ellis returns to Staffordshire Ed Auth after 4½ years secondment at this school. Mr Goodwin returning for month of September.

Autumn Term 1966

Number on roll at commencement of term = 327 of whom 53 are in the Sixth Form. This year’s intake in Form 1 of only 45 boys is the smallest ever known in the history of the School. 4 over-age transfers have come from local schools. New staff this term include Mr R B Hughes as Senior Physics master, and two language assistants, Madame Koenig for French and Herr Heinze for German. On the last day of last term 6 boys competed in the Tipton Swimming Club Sports and won the Inter Schools Squadron Relay Shield.

  • 6 Sep: Sixth Form Geography field work in the Shenstone area.
  • 9 Sep: Party of boys with 2 staff to Plas Gwynant for Biological, Geological and Adventure course – 1 week.
  • 16 Sep: Lower Sixth Geography field work to Long Mynd.
  • 20 Sep: Lower Sixth field work in the Forest of Dean.
  • 22 Sep: German boy Horst Reiner Rosenow from Hamburg Gymnasium admitted for one year while he remains in this country with relations.
  • 26 Sep: Just-U portraits of all new pupils taken.
  • 27 Sep: Visit of Mr Callan (?) from Ingestre Hall to explain facilities to pupils.
  • 28 Sep: Mr Goodwin leaves to return to university.
  • 30 Sep: Fifth form Geography field work at Shenstone and Great Barr areas. Sixth Form Geography lectire at Darlaston Comp School.
  • 3 Oct: Annual General meeting of Parents’ Association (Mr Guest elected PA representative on Board of Governors).
  • 10 Oct: Death of Mr Brian (sic) Mantle, school laboratory technician, killed as result of a motorcycle accident in Wood Green.
  • 12 Oct: Orchestral performance given to Forms 1,2 and 3, and then 4,5 and 6, by an ensemble of 11 visiting instrumental teachers of the Borough.
  • 13 Oct: Funeral of Brian Mantle.
  • 19 Oct: Party of 39 boys see film “Khartoum” in Birmingham.
  • 20 Oct: Meeting of Angling Society to arrange fishing competition during half term.
  • 26 Oct: Joint Sixth Form hike (Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools).
  • 31 Oct: Trebles practice in readiness for full rehearsal with Civic Choir tomorrow evening.
  • 5 Nov: PA Bonfire night.
  • 9 Nov – 14 Dec: Mr S R Davies arrives ot teaching practice.
  • 9 Nov: Meeting at Town Hall re Plas Gwynant addressed by Mr Watterson (?)
  • 11 Nov: Final rehearsal for trebles of Civic Choir performance on Nov 12th.
  • 15 Nov: PA Beetle Drive.
  • 18 Nov: Cheque for £7-15-0 sent to Aberfan Fund.
  • 21 Nov: School premises broken into during weekend.
  • 1 Dec: Speech Day. Professor Matty of Aston University as Guest of Honour.
  • 5 Dec: Meeting of Governors of Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools held at the Girls’ school – re plans for secondary reorganisation.
  • 7 Dec: Musical evening for PA – ensemble from Oswestry.
  • 15 Dec: Henderson and Taylor in volleyball squad for West Midlands.
  • 16 Dec: Combined 5th and 6th form party at Girls’ High. House plays during afternoon.
  • 19 Dec: Carol evening.

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