Madame Michelle Koenig

Last updated: 1 Oct 02

French Language Assistant

Madame Koenig was a petite French lady who I believe worked part time at the school. We were very lucky in 1A during 66-67 to be taught French by Miss Todd White. Madame K was short with long black hair. Her husband worked somewhere locally and was also in education. The good Madame would come along now and again to help Wendy teach us pronounciation and background stuff. As she isn’t listed in Dave Perry’s full staff list on the school web site, I wonder if she was actually employed on an ad-hoc basis or perhaps by the council to work at various schools. It might be that she was working voluntarily. Does anyone know any more?

Jim Croton

I believe she was full-time at WBHS, placed by her French university for year, as I (and sometimes Dave Coles) was sent to have language practice sessions with her by the redoubtable Sam Mangan, as a reward for getting 31/30 in his weekly tests! Quite an incentive!

David Perry