Mr A D Hollingsworth

Last updated: 31 Mar 09

Late 50’s

On 1960 photograph

Tony Hollingworth took German I think. He also introduced Hockey as a sports activity as he was a playing member at Wednesbury Sports Union for a time. I, and several other boys from the school, went on to join and play for quite a few years.

Edwin Lilly (1955-60)

I think that he taught German. I never had the benefit of his teaching. He was also very keen on Hockey and he may have played for Wednesbury. I remember playing five-a-side Hockey in the hall one evening after school organised by him. The rules were that the ball could only be flicked. No full hits. In my time Hockey tended to be played by boys who were not interested in football. I played football but as a goal keeper I enjoyed the evening as a Goal Keeper in five-a-side Hockey with upturned Benches as goals.

Trevor Reece (1956-60)