Mr A (Tony) V Kent

Last updated: 29 Sep 02

? – 1965


1964 School Photo

If anyone did something wrong, he used to get them to the front of the class and tap them on the head with his knuckles three or four times – to drive in the point he was trying to make. He was one of the teachers that played chess, and he used to take a group of boys to his local chess club. About 6 of us piled into the back of his mini-van whenever WBHS played chess against other schools – we quite often won. This was luxury – the other teachers (French?) made us go by bus.

Of course being the German teacher, he also went on the trip to Munich in 1962 and always kept everyone under control – except when he left his case in Cologne! On that trip I shared a room with Trev Johnson, Barry Madeley and one other. It may have been the first time anyone had the opportunity to drink wine, and we did suffer for it. Fortunately there was a sink in the room.

Tony made a point of persuading me to take German at ‘O’ Level, which meant dropping Woodwork. He obviously didn’t drive the point in hard enough since I failed miserably. Even my second attempt with Wendy Todd-White giving personal tuition was a disaster, so after about 5 years of studying German I gave up.

Chris Bullock

Moved to Old Swinford Hospital School, Stourbridge.

Believed to have died in a motor car accident a few years ago.

Frank Dicken