Mr Alan D Legge

Last updated: 1 Oct 02

Art, English
1936 – post 1970


1964 School Photo

Mr Legge was my form master during my third year at school. This was the first year of the merger with Wood Green Comprehensive (1968 – 69). He had taught us Art for the previous two years although we didn’t really know him that well until this year.

Having Mr Legge take register every morning was interesting. He would enter the room and while we kept silent he would place his case on the desk, open it and remove firstly a flask, secondly a copy of the Guardian and thirdly the class register. The ritual then ensued. Firstly remove the cup from the flask and pour a cup of whatever was contained therein. Secondly open the Guardian and refold it so that the crossword was visible. Thirdly mark the register. After marking the register, Mr Legge would quickly fill in the answers to the crossword.

On one particular morning I recall him going through the ritual up to the point of starting the crossword. At this juncture he pushed the paper aside with the off hand comment “It’s one of mine”. I wish to pose the question: Did Mr Legge compile crosswords for the Guardian? All of their compilers use a classical nom de plume. Was Alan one of them?

Jim Croton