Mr Alf Jordan

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1962 School Photo

During our first year Geography lessons Alf would regularly finish 10 minutes early and dispatch one of the lads to the sports hall to retrieve a cricket bat. Standing on his desk at the front of the room, he would then illustrate the art of defensive batting against all types of imaginary bowling. We all thought he must be a world beater. Our illusions were shattered at the next Staff vs Pupils match when he was out for a duck.

Alf’s other claim to fame was to date one of the busty female teachers, a Mrs Good, at Wodensborough school. This was during the time we were ejected to Wodensborough between September 1960 and July 1961 in order to accommodate the building of the school extensions. They were often seen out and about with their arms around each other and they made no secret of their liaison. Looking back it was no big deal but at the time it caused great mirth. “Watch your middle wicket Alf” was a regular taunt from unseen and un-named tormentors when they were seen out together.

Ron Dadge

Was in the Royal Navy in WW2 and had some hair-raising tales to tell!