Mr C Rae

Last updated: 24 Apr 09

“Colin”, “Bugsy”
Physics, Geography
late 50’s


1956 School Photo

Bugsy Rae came from Carlisle and used to claim that Hadrian’s Wall ran through his back garden when he lived up there. He was also an active Scout Leader and was Scout Leader at Friar Park for a time.

Edwin Lilly (1955-60)

The Choir Camps were a sort of reward from Colin Rae to the trebles and altos (1st/2nd/3rd formers). Older lads and staff choir members weren’t invited. Bugsy (Rae) taught physics and geography, but his great passion was music. He’d played the organ at Carlisle Cathedral, his home city. He was a bohemian character; a pre-beatnik oddball, but the school loved him for his untidy dress and offbeat ways.

The choir was very good, and we performed an anthem during every Saturday morning assembly.

If you look in the copies of The Woden around 1954/55 you’ll see reports on the choir camps; I wrote one of them myself.

No formal singing went on at the camps. We were under canvas, and the whole day was taken up with the toil of fetching wood and water and cooking over a fire, though we went swimming and had a trip on a bus or train in the middle of the week. I ascended my first mountain, Coniston Old Man (unaccompanied by an adult, of course!) from one such camp, and it set my life on a course from which I’ve never deviated: today, I’m still earning money from supervision of children on mountain expeditions.

Alan Braddock