Mr Derek W Dearne

Last updated: 25 May 09

pre Sep63 – c1965

1964 School Photo

Although I dropped Biology after the second form and therefore wasn’t taught by him, he did have an interest in basketball. We had a few sessions at Wood Green Secondary, just over the playing fields. He used to drive a beat-up old Renault, either gold or rust colour. As far as I can remember we never got as far as forming a team.

Chris Bullock

I was a member of the Field Club from 1963 through 1966, and in that period it was run by Derek Dearne. We would shoot off on Sundays, as I recall, to Cannock Chase, the Wye Valley, the Lickey Hills, and a wide assortment of other such areas throughout the Greater Midlands … and walk. Along the way, Derek would educate us about trees, grasses, ferns, mosses, newts, frogs, birds and anything else we happened to see along the way.


It was most certainly a very important developmental period for me, as I have now spent the past 27 years involved in Outdoor Education as a result of those early trips. The Field Club badge badge was simply a membership one given to everyone involved; I recall that I wore mine on the arm of my anorak!!!!

Mal Gilbey

It appears that Derek went to Bristol University as this picture offsiteof a field trip from his department in 1957 shows – and we have at last a photo of him looking at the camera!

Link found and provided by Alan Gutteridge