Mr Edwin Davis

Last updated: 20 April 2016

“Ted”, “Dagger”
English, Chess

1956 School Photo

Previously had taught at Mountford County Primary School, Lower High Street, Wednesbury.

Mr Davis, Edwin, nickname Dagger, taught English. Ted Davies was an interesting man not least because he too was an Old Woden. He was fond of reminding us that he still held the School Record for the Discus which he set in 1937 or 38. Dagger apparently came from his fondness for the quotation in Macbeth: ‘Is this a Dagger I see before me’.

I am willing to wager that anyone who was taught by him can recite the definition of a preposition as in English Today by Ridout, the English textbook of the time. We all had to memorise it for homework and those who could not repeat it next day perfectly got detention. In other ways he could be quite surprising. I remember around Christmas time in the first year, he brought into class the board game Cluedo. It had probably just come out. To Ted it was a good game for logical thinking.

Ted was a chess fanatic and was instumental in teaching chess to first year boys. He sang in the School Choir as a tenor and was married to a locally well-known contralto, Margaret Davis.

Ted left the School to be replaced by Sid Childs at the end of Witcombe’s first term. I do not know, but I had always assumed that the change from Kipping to Witcombe was too great for Ted, considering that Ted had been a pupil of Kipping.

I believe that Ted wrote a very sympathetic tribute in the School Magazine after Kipping died. Ted was also known for the way that he always found a reason to give new pupils 50 lines on their first day at School.

Trevor Reece

I am delighted to say that a large batch of memorabilia was entrusted to me in August 2015 by Marion, daughter of Edward Davis who was both a pupil in the 1930s and a member of staff (English) in the 1950s. Edward was a great friend of CSK and was bequeathed many of his personal papers and souvenirs. I have already posted some them (see the menu above “CSK Documents”) – in a rather random fashion –and I hope to post the rest during 2016.

Many thanks to Marion and her husband for delivering them.

My apologies to Marion for variously calling her father, Edward or Edwin. I am not sure which is correct. Can anyone tell me for certain, please?