Mr Harry Baptist-Smith

Last updated: 29 Sep 02

Geography and Economics
June 1965 – ?



Harry taught Geography and was married to Gail who taught at WGHS and later at Wood Green. When the schools merged, I recall his displeasure at having to now remember all of the pupils’ christian names. A very good teacher – he also ran the Film Society which met on Friday evenings and permitted 12 year olds to view X rated films like “Psycho”! Harry once said to me “Croton, you are a little goldmine of useless information”. I hope I have proven him to be correct.

Jim Croton

Played The Mikado, in the school’s first Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.

After leaving the Midlands, Gail and Harry shortened their name to “Baptist” on the grounds that they didn’t way to inflict a d-b name on their new offspring!

Alan Gutteridge