Mr Ivor Bradley

Last updated: 5 Oct 02

1961 – 1995


1964 School Photo

Sadly, Ivor died in December 2000, shortly after retiring.

Always very friendly and helpful. Anyone interested in some woodworking project could use his rooms, tools and materials whenever they wanted. This was also a good place to hide from the more aggressive prefects and teachers. I remember four of us – Andy Golder, Baz Wheatley, Trev Jones and myself spent many hours building an electric bass guitar. Ivor helped us cut the shape of the guitar, and put in the fretwork. I think Trev Jones did most of the woodwork and even built the electronics for it. It did actually work, it’s just a shame we didn’t know how to play it.
I do remember Ivor made a point of getting everyone to clean up their bench after lessons – he always reminded me a bit like Desperate Dan!! But in the nicest possible way.

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