Mr J F Ede

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~1929: Blackcountryman

1956 School Photo

1962 School Photo

Taking the place in 1929 of Mr W R Hey (who was appointed in 1926), Mr Ede had been awarded a double First from Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge.

wodcov_ti A tribute by John Clifford , printed in the Woden magazine.

I remember being glad I sat near the back in ‘Ghandi’s’ class. You’ll all know why. He was a great character who interspersed his almost daily updates on his book with a smattering of information on the ancient Sumerians and Romans. I remember him leaving the school, at the end of July 66 I think going to live in Canterbury. I also remember feeling a little jealous that one of my class mates, not sure who, being given an old snooker table by Ghandi before he retired.

All in all a character and a nice bloke.

Robert Talbot

He was the history teacher and wrote the local history book The History of Wednesbury (1962). It was quite common for him to ‘mark’ two books at the same time, writing comments in the margins, and also lecture to the class at the same time.

Roger Best


From John Clifford’s collection