Mr J F Ladkin

Last updated: 22 Apr 09

1947 – 1967


School Photo 1964


Staffroom photo ~1967

I never had Jim for English but remember going on a tour of France, Switzerland and Italy with him, his wife, Camel and Happy. I think it was around 63 when we were abroad. Always remember the old Riley.

Robert Talbot

I noticed in last night’s Express & Star that Jim Ladkin had died on 18 June 2008, aged 91. Although I was never in his class I am sure that many other Old Wodens have very fond memories of him.

Trevor Reece

I remember him from school as a very kind man with a gentle humour. On one occasion, when going into the hall for a GCE exam none of us were welcoming, he was standing outside and said, “Art thou weary, art thou languid, art thou sore distressed?”

Phil Rogers