Mr J G Denman

Last updated: 2 Apr 09

“Dan”, “Blossom”
on 1956 photo, not on 58


1956 School Photo

Mr J G Denman taught History.  His other nickname besides Dan was Blossom.  The reason — as his photo shows quite well — being the island of hair that he had in his receding hairline.  Woe betide anyone who he heard use that particular nickname.

As a teacher he was first class.  I am probably biased as History was always my favourite subject and is an interest to this day. He was a Yorkshireman, I think from Sheffield, and he was passionate about Cricket.  I think he very much enjoyed his stints as umpire in School and House Matches. He left not long after the change from Kipping to Witcombe; he is not on the 1958 School Photograph. Many, many years later I was suprised to see him at Aldridge School.  My elder son had just started there so it must have been 1987.  I was there for some sort of parents meeting and he was being given an award on his retirement.  I did not have chance to speak to him but the strange thing was that he looked exactly the same as when I was taught by him!

Trevor Reece