Mr J W Horne

Last updated: 29 Sep 02

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1940-1945 ?



A few words about Mr Horne or “Honkey” as we knew him:

He was a very strange man who must then have been close to retirement so, as boys do, we ragged him quite a bit. If he caught us misbehaving he would take his pipe from his pocket and rap us smartly on the head with the bowl end. We, for some obscure reason called this “chawling”and you gained some respect if you were the recipient, as I was several times. I had been playing up one morning in the assembly hall and, as he was delivering his unique punishment, CSK came rushing in and took him away shouting rather loudly. To my lifelong regret we never saw him again as he was forced to retire prematurely and as he had no family it must have hit him very hard. This I think was in 1948.

Ben Beards