Mr Sidney Childs

Last updated: 28 Jun 09

1957 – ?


1960 School Photo

Left WBHS for Dudley College of Further Education, where he taught my wife. Died in about 1998.

Peter Brown

Sid Childs joined the staff September 1957 to teach English.

He was the replacement for Ted Davis and one of Witcombe’s first appointments.

My first impressions of Mr Childs was that he was young. I believe he still played amateur football at the time. You have to remember that at that time almost all the staff had been there for years and were at least middle aged and in some cases approaching retirement.

I enjoyed Mr Childs’ classes, especially English Literature. He raised an interest in me for Shakespeare — quite an achievement.

He could be teasingly sarcastic. I was gently chided for being a poor speller. I remember him being almost overcome with laughter one day in class to find myself and John Blackburn, another poor speller, trying to decide the spelling of some word or other. I think he referred to the blind leading the blind.

We used to have periods of reading and he expressed surprise one day to finding me reading poetry. This led to a discussion when he claimed that all poetry was about the countryside and nature. Something I disputed this by pointing to The Charge of the Light Brigade and The Highwayman. But he was not convinced. The fact that the set poet for O-Level was Wordsworth was probably right up his street.

He took an interest in our sporting activities and would often talk about the previous day’s school cricket or football match. He was a pleasant man. As he is not on the 1962 school photograph he presumably did not stay longer that 4 or 5 years. That surprises me.

Trevor Reece