Old Wodens’ Association

Last updated: 18 May 2009

Annual dinner held at the County Hotel, Walsall, on 8 May 2009

countyhotel If, like me, you have never attended an Old Wodens’ dinner, then it is never too late to give it a try. It had taken me almost 40 years to do so, and I am only sorry that I did not do so sooner.

I suppose there was always the worry that I would not know anyone there, but that didn’t matter, as our common bond made it easy to talk across all age groups. It was fascinating to hear tales from a couple of decades prior to my era at school, and most stories involved CSK in some way!

About 50 OWs attended, and I believe John Easter did quite a bit of the work of organisation, helped, of course, by John Clifford (and who is better qualified after 55 years’ association with WBHS and its successor?).

Throughout the evening, a slideshow of 120 images was running. Some came from this website; some from scans I have yet to post on the site. I have been delighted with the enthusiastic response I received to this innovation, and it could well become a regular contribution to the evening.

We began with the usual fund-raising Irish Bingo, and later with prize draws – most of which had a liquid prize! John Talbot had brought along some embroidered cushions, plaques and framed crests to sell to anyone interested.

The meal was excellent (much better, I got the impression, than last year’s). Three courses included asparagus soup (I think!), roast beef, yorkshire pudding, incredibly juicy roast potatoes (which probably took several days of simvastatin to counteract) and mountains of vegetables. If only the plates had been bigger! Dessert was apple charlotte and custard.

Thanks to those who helped make this such a pleasant evening, and to the staff of the County Hotel, who did us proud, and provided a friendly welcome. Thanks to those OWs who travelled long distances to help keep up this tradition.

Here are a few photos of the happy occasion, and if anyone has more they would like to share, or can identify friends on these, please get in touch.


Above: Standing L to R, John Talbot and John Easter, organising the raffle.