Photographs – groups (non-sport)

Last updated: 31 Jul 09

1958 Form 5A photo with Ken Hopkins

(taken on the stage)



Back row, L to R: ?, Geoff Hawkins, Crutchley, Tony Price, Jake Hough, Ken Smith, Paul Element, Gerrard Hunt
Middle row, L to R: ?, Terry Aucott, Malcolm Dickson, David Lloyd, ?, Ray Hales, Bob Layton, Brian Challenor
Front row, L to R: Derek Constable, Maurice Alcock, John or Fred Williams, Mr Ken Hopkins, Trevor Chambers, John or Fred Williams, Jim Bridgewood.
+ W F Smith, A F Baggott, J Simkins, B Chesworth – signatures on the back of the photograph.

Thanks to Trevor Reece for identifying most of this group. Trevor comments that the Williams twins were only distinguishable when they spoke!
Can anyone else help with the rest?

 Lower Sixth formers of 1948


From the left: Alan Martin, John Northwood, Geoff Fisher, Ken Morris

(photo kindly provided by Geoff Fisher)

Form VB in 1959



Back Row L to R:  Wright, Cheshire, Clarke, Orgill, Jarrett, “Sam” (Mangan), Garrett, Griffiths, Stringer, Turner, Swift.
Front Row L to R:  Simkin, Badger, Gerrard, Foster, Westwood, Barton, Foley, Gough, Wallace.
Missing:- Banks, Barry, Sproston.

Michael Garrett (who lived next door to the Webmaster during his school years) also appears in two photographs (wrongly labelled as “M Garrat”) published in the Black Country Bugle  on 26 February 2009. Trevor Reece has also pointed out that as well as Michael Garrett in the first photograph, there are several other Old Wodens: on the back row first left is Glen Turner and third from left Graham Newell. On the front Row third, fourth and fifth left are Trevor Grice, Brian Boden and Cyril Bowen. Glen, Trevor, Brian and Cyril were all in the same year as me [Trevor] 1955. Graham in the year below. I believe that Glen has retired after many years as a Policemen. “I spent a couple of years playing football with Graham Newell for Blacknall, Walsall who at the time played in the Worcester Combination in the mid sixties. At that time Graham was working for a bank.” OW Ken Pearcey appears on the second Bugle photo.

Thanks to Ken Foley for the above photo, and to Trevor Reece for the link to The Bugle.

Form VA in 1947



Standing, L to R: Gordon Parker, Wagg, Alan Martin, Thorley, Harold Westwood, Alan Hitchman, Geoff Foster, John Tyler, Will Owen, Gordon Farquhar, Lance Palfryman, Alan Higgins, Kearton, Geoff Fisher, Eric Yates, Brian Amos, Joe Amos

Sitting, L to R: Bert Kent, Peter Smith, Norman Allsopp, Geoff Meredith, Ken Morris, Walter McCourt, Donald Ray, Gordon Gasser, Alan Benning, Wesley Rogers.

Thanks to Geoff Fisher for this photo.