Teaching Staff (in order of appointment)

Last updated: 19 Apr 09

This page is also an index to more substantial staff pages but an alternative, photographs page (in alphabetical order) is also available.

Full list of WBHS staff, 1924 – 1968, in order of appointment

Mr C S Kipping
Mr A C Evanson
Mr R V Rutherford
Mr J O Nicholls
Mr N Tennant
Mr S Allerston
Mr J H Thomas
Mr P R Hatcher
Mr W R Hey
Mr W R Swale
Mr F Coatham
Mr A B Turner
Mr P J Cutler
Mr J F Ede
Mr S D Mangan
Mr H Coombes
Mr F L G Smith
Mr W G Roberts
Mr J T Scrivener
Mr J S B Boyce
Mr W J Russell
Mr A Shooter
Mr H A Walter
Mr D H Peckham
Mr A D Legge
Mr F T Wainwright
Mr S Pickering
Mr D A Rigg
Miss G Helliwell
Mr J W Horne
Miss M E Gibbons
Miss M Arton
Mr C P Vale
Miss M P Wilson
Mr K W G Hopkins
Miss E M Hollins
Mr C E Taylor
Mr J Batson
Mr E Powell
Miss L I D Coleman
Miss S Duijts
Miss H J Holden
Mrs A M G Turner
Mr J N Ball
Mr J F Ladkin
Mr W Hunt
Mr J G Denman
Mr G Gill
Mr J S Lemaire
Mr C Rae
Mr M Goodyear
Mr E Davis
Mr A Jordan
Mr F Reinach
Mr E C Witcombe
Mr J G Hillaby
Mr S Childs
Mr A D Hollingworth
Mr J M Mason
Mr R J N Trundle
Mr B M Smyth
Mr S Clark
Mr H Johnson
Mr T J Raybould
Miss P Drake
Mr K W Burkin
Mr A V Kent
Mr D A Pickston
Mrs l Naylor
Mr R G Sayers
Mr K Burhouse
Mr l G Bradley
Mr J W Basten
Mr R W Boyd
Mr J R Clifford
Mr W C Ellis
Mr A Jones
Mr N G Anderton
Mr J A Taylor
Mr A H Watkins
Mr T E Jones
Mr D W Dearne
Mr E M Enon
Mr H B Baptist-Smith
Mr T M Lees
Mr R J Edwards
Mr A K P Rimmer
Miss E W Todd-White
Mr J W McLure
Mr G J Goodwin
Mr G Freeman Jones
Mr M J Wharton
Mr R C Riley
Mr R B Hughes
Miss P J Jackson
Mr R A Hutchinson
Mr W G Thomas
Mr A E Payne

Ancillary Staff

Mrs Goddard (secretary in the 60s)

I left WBHS at the end of the summer term in 1964 and Mrs Goddard was there a couple of years before then, perhaps more. She famously made the front page of the Express and Star during that time as a result of a lengthy wolf whistle aimed at her anonymously but overheard by the boss. His exhaustive attempts to identify the culprit failed but one of the guys in the upper sixth thought it was worth contacting the E & S with full details of the story. He was right of course – they printed everything! As far as I know, the mystery of the Phantom Wolf Whistler was never solved and therefore keeps its place in WBHS folklore.

Ron Dadge