The Loo Paper Caper

Chris Bullock’s photos of the 1968 Sixth Form Revue film The Loo Paper Caper

Last updated: 25 May 2009

Starring The Two Twits, The Bescot Bog Roll Boys and introducing the Lone Ranger & Pronto.


The Two Twits Stew Elwell & Chris Bullock
Lone Ranger & Pronto Bryn Oakley & Andy Golder
The Bescot Bog Roll Boys ‘George’ John Grew, Alan Gutteridge, Trev Johnson, Steve James, Steve Thomas, Johnny Ashton? + others in disguise? & Stew Elwell (infiltrator?)
Informant Bill Henderson
Girlfriend Maggie Varden (courtesy of WGHS)
Spectator Stew Elwell (he gets everywhere)
Policeman not filmed – issued us with a friendly warning about traffic hazards.
Advert Star Stew Elwell (again? yes, again!)
Narrator (Silent Movie!!) Yes, you’ve guessed it – Stew Elwell (script no longer exists?)


In and around Wednesbury: the Shambles/Market Place, Brunswick Park, Wood Green Road, Hobs Road, Manor House Road/Park Lane, Myvod Road, St Paul’s Road, Bescot/Elwells waste land.

The Plot:

The Bescot Bog Roll Boys plan to rob the town loos of their toilet paper. The plan is successfully carried out

2_TwoTwitsRobberybut an informant phones

3_TwoTwitsBillthe Two Twits – our heroes – and persuades them to attempt to catch the criminals. The Two Twits, after finishing their revelry with girlfriend

1_TwoTwitsDancefollow the trail to the ‘Boys’ hideaway in the centre of a traffic island

4_TwoTwitsBikeat the junction of Park Lane and Myvod Road. (Policeman halts filming!)

Unfortunately, the Two Twits are distracted and fall into the trap.

Detour – POW!

They are bundled

5_TwoTwitsCaptureinto the boot of the ‘Boys’ getaway car, driven to a secluded spot and blown up by an atom bomb – no half-measures here. BOOM?

End of Part 1

Advert: Your favourite washing powder – OMO – nice?


Part 2

Fortunately, in the nick of time, the Lone Ranger & Pronto somehow manage to free The Two Twits before the explosion and all four now follow the trail in ‘The Van’ to the Bescot Boys battleground. There, they engage

7_TwoTwitsFightGetemin a dramatic, drawn-out

8_TwoTwitsFightbeginsand messy fight


until all of the villains are finally beaten into papier maché.


10_TwoTwitsBattleThe foursome run off into the distance arm in arm in celebration.

11_TwoTwitsVictorsThe End

First Screened: Sixth Form Revue Summer 1968.

Props: car (owned by ‘George’ Grew), van (owned by Bryn Oakley), tandem (where did we get that from?), sombrero, judo suits, bass guitar – made in Woodwork by Trev Jones, Andy Golder, Baz Wheatley & Chris Bullock, loo paper, lots of foam???