Appeals for information

Last updated: 5 May 09

Contact details for 1950’s Old Wodens John (Charlie) Chester, Patrick Bryan and Graham Jones

Keith Lewis is threatening to return to the UK (from New Zealand) on a visit in 2010. He would particularly like to meet John (Charlie) Chester again.
Similarly, Alan Braddock would be interested to meet Patrick Bryan (both 1952 -1959) and Graham Jones (he served as an officer in the Merchant Navy, and may live in Codsall now.
If anyone can supply details of their whereabouts, please email

On the sports page, all players in the 1st XI photograph are identified on the School Photo with the exception of David (Danny) Griffiths. Is he in the list of the unidentified boys above? Or was he absent on the day of the 1964 full photograph?

What can you tell me about the staff?

Now that we have a full list of all the WBHS staff, we need some information for all those distinguished ladies and gentlemen who are just names at present. Go to the staff photographs page and see if you can supply a little information (even if it is only approximate dates and subjects) for those whose entries are a bit sparse!

More “then and now” photographs?

Is no-one else brave enough to send me a “now” photograph to add to the collection?

Who said?

  • “You silly ass, you must be feeble-minded” ?
  • “Get down to some real work” ?
  • “You may as well go out and get a job” ?
  • “Let’s avalook” ?

Do you remember any more staff catchphrases?

Famous old boys

Do we have any other old boys who have been honoured with knighthood or OBE/CBE/MBE etc?

Ancillary staff

Dave Walker writes:

Although often forgotten, ancilliary staff are just as important to the identity of a school as the teachers and pupils. Does anyone have any memories of the caretaker, school secretary and dinner ladies? Was there ever a school nurse?

Alan Gutteridge offers:

  • Mr Price, the Caretaker
  • Mrs Ashbury? The Head dinner lady – I think she was Mayoress of Wednesbury at one time – Husband and wife were both councillors – must have been pre ’64 though
  • The lollipop man?
  • Mrs Goddard, secretary in the mid-sixties.