ECW log for 1962

Spring Term 1962

  • On January 5th/6th electronic organ (Miller English Organ) installed inSchool Hall – cost shared by Authority (£150), Parents’ Association (£200), School (£370). Mr Ellis joined the staff as a temporary appointment.
  • 9 Jan: Visit of Mr Ferrar to re-site greenhouse.
  • 11 Jan: Interviewed for junior Geography post – Mr Arnold Jones offered appointment as from April 1st.
  • 12 Jan: Visit of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Governors to see state of buildings.
  • 17 Jan: Works visit to Stewart and Lloyd.
  • 18 Jan: Astronomical Society meeting at 6.45pm. Debating Society meeting.
  • 22 Jan: Chess match v Queen Mary’s Walsall. Walsall lost by 3½ to 2½.
  • 23 Jan: Choir practice. Astronomical Society meeting (talk by Staite on Saturn).
  • 26 Jan: Meeting of Science teacher (Mr Copley and Mr Wagg plus two teachers) to discuss design of future laboratories.
  • 31 Jan: Meeting at school attended by Mr Oxford, Mr Woodcock, Mr Hopkinson, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Governors re state of school building.
  • 2 Feb: Visit of Chairman of Governors, also County Works inspectors to see state of building.
  • 6 Feb: Commencement of further decoration of School (hall).
  • 9 Feb: Parents and boys of Form 2 invited to informal “get together’ meeting in evening.
  • 14 Feb: Sixth Form debate v Girls of High School at Hackwood Society meeting in Town Library.
  • 20 Feb: Burglary HM Study.
  • 27 Feb: Parents and boys of Forms 1 for informal ‘get together’.
  • 1 Mar: Due to commencement of plastering of brick walls in corridors and classrooms, school closed one day earlier for Half Term.
  • 6 Mar: Owing to plastering not completed school closed for further day.
  • 12 Mar: Governors’ Meeting – short list for Deputy Head drawn up.
  • 14 Mar: First time for over 3 weeks that normal assembly could be held in Hall.
  • 16 Mar: Speech Day for year 1960-61. Guest of Honour, Prof D J E Ingram.
  • 20 Mar: School photograph taken.
  • 28 Mar: Interviews for Deputy Headmaster – Mr N G Anderton, Head of History Dept, Borders Boys’ Grammar School, Kent, appointed.
  • 31 Mar: Sixth Form visit to B’Ham Rep to see “Saints Day”.
  • 11 Apr: Mr J A Taylor interviewed for Science post and offered it.
  • 17 Apr: Geographical outing to Edale in Derbyshire.
  • School entered during holidays – nothing reported stolen.

Summer Term 1962

  • 30 Apr: First day of Summer Term. Mr Jones joined staff to teach Geography and Geology. Choir practice. Party to see Measure for Measure
  • 1 May: Railway Society outing to Yorkshire.
  • 3 May: Juniors to Stratford to see Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • 10 May: Film Society “Antarctic Crossing”.
  • 11 May: RUSSIAN orals.
  • 15 May: Examination for entry to Royal Navy.
  • 17 May: Organ recital given by Mr Boyd and D Griffiths. Solos by Miss D Jobber and Mr Harry Lamb. Attended by about 85 parents and boys.
  • 18 May: Musical practical (A-level) at King Edward’s, B’ham.
  • 22 May: Debating Society with Girls High School on “Co-education”.
  • 24 May: Visit of Queen to Wednesbury to receive History of Wednesbury by Mr J F Ede (Senior History Master).
  • 26 May: Parents’ Association outing to Slimbridge (Peter Scott WildFowl Trust)
  • 7 Jun: Interview parents of 11+ entry boys.
  • 8 Jun: Boys go to Teddersley Park for Whitsun camp.
  • 23 Jun: Parents’ Association outing to Coventry Cathedral and to Belgrave Theatre (“Semi Detached”).
  • 26 Jun: Visit of police to test cycles and talk on road signs and signals.
  • 29 Jun: Musical recital given by Mr Merrick.
  • 30 Jun: Parents v School cricket match won by the School.
  • 7 Jul: Sports Day – successful afternoon.
  • 10 Jul: Tennis match with Girls’ High School.
  • 13 Jul: House plays (O and WG) and Sixth Form Revue
  • 15 Jul: House plays (L and M) and Sixth Form Revue.
  • 17 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service held in St Paul’s Church -visiting preacher Rev Preb Linsley, vicar of Kidderminster.
  • 18 Jul: Presentation dinner held at Kenmare Cafe on retirement of Mr Hatcher – over 90 OW and present boys and staff attend.
  • 19 Jul: Staff v School tennis match. Swimming Gala held at Town Baths.
  • 20 Jul: End of term. Staff leavers Mr Hatcher and Mr Pickston.

Autumn Term 1962

  • During the summer holidays notified (17th August) that L Wilson had been awarded a State Scholarship. A party of boys with staff went to Germany (23rd July- 1st Aug) and another group went camping in Devon (15th-29th Aug). Southall was 3rd in the finals of the Intermediate All
    England Championships (220yds) held at Hull, and gained his All England badge for gaining a Standard.
  • Term started with 2 new staff: Mr Anderton as Deputy Headmaster and MrTaylor as Science and Mathematics master. Number of boys on roll 268, with 68 in the Sixth Form.
  • 5 Sep: Announced Head Boy – Winwood, Vice-Head-Boys – Osborne, Whitehouse, and 10 prefects
  • 8 Sep: Party of 41 went to Stratford to see Macbeth.
  • 11 Sep: Modern and Mainstream Jazz Society meeting. Announcement of 8 sub-prefects.
  • 15 Sep: Field Club visit to Wyre Forest.
  • 27 Sep: Dedication and official opening of extensions and alterations to school buildings by the Bishop of Lichfield, who also preached sermon in Hall.
  • 28 Sep: Commencement of Ministry course (Curriculum and TT in selective schools) held at Oxford attended by Headmaster. Returned 2 Oct.
  • 3 Oct: Party visit Stratford to see “Comedy of Errors”.
  • 13 Oct: Field Club outing to Wyre Forest.
  • 17 Oct: Preece offered first student’s place at new Training College, Walsall.
  • 20 Oct: Half Term. School premises entered during weekend.
  • 23 OCt: Geography and Geology field work at Church Stretton and district. Field Club to Cannock Chase and Railway Society to March.
  • 2 Nov: Clarinet solo given in assmebly.
  • 3 Nov: School premises entered during weekend.
  • 5 Nov: Violin recital given by Martyn Milnes (leader of Halle Orchestra).
  • 9 Nov: Griffiths gives organ solo in assembly.
  • 17 Nov: Field Club to Wyre Forest. 17 boys and staff to B’ham Rep.
  • 21 Nov: School closed for County Selection Test.
  • 23 NOv: Piano recital at assembly by Pat Brown (Girls’ High).
  • 30 Nov: Organ recital by Griffiths at assembly.
  • 3 Dec: A Rose (3A) killed on way home from school. Fell out of bus and run over by rear wheels of school coach.
  • 5 Dec: Macbeth at Stratford.
  • 6 Dec: King Lear at Straford.
  • 10 Dec: Funeral of Rose attended by about 250 boys at St Paul’s Church.
  • 11 Dec: Speech Day. Guest of Honour, Canon Bryan Green.
  • 14 Dec: Party at Girls’ High School
  • 17 Dec: Arts Festival held during afternoon.
  • 18 Dec: Arts Festival completed. Carols Concert held in evening (Mr Taylor and Miss Barbara Smith as soloists, plus items by choir and Sixth Form boys).
  • 19 Dec: Classical music society: Xmas part of Handel’s Messiah.
  • 20 Dec: Appointment of Mr Watkins for English post.
  • 21 Dec: End of Term. Carol Service held in St Paul’s Church – visiting preacher Rev John Dodds. Collections from Carol Evening and Service £12-8-3.

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