ECW log for 1961

Spring Term 1961

  • 2 Jan: Meeting at school with Country Architect to discuss Science labs, furniture and layout.
  • 3 Jan: Railway Society outing to London
  • 4 Jan: Interviewed for Head of the Mathematics Department. Mr Burhouse appointed.
  • 11 Jan: Commencement of new term. Mr Wells, student teacher from Leicester University, arrives to help with teaching of Maths.
  • 18 Jan: Speech Day held at College of Commerce. Guest of Honour Prof M Stacey, PhD, DSc,FRS, Mason Professor and Head of Chemistry Department, B’ham University.
  • 25 Jan: Visit to B’ham Univ. of party to see German play, “Der Besuch der Alten Dame(?)”
  • 27 Jan: Meeting of Astronomical Society and Dancing Club. Urgent visit to Midland Nerve Hospital to see Evans (3G).
  • 30 Jan: Handing over of Dining Room and Staircase plus boys’ toilets.
  • 31 Jan: Science Society addressed by Dr B H Gowanlock(?) PhD FIC on “How atoms stick together”.
  • 7 Feb: Classical Musical Society: Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini by Rachmaninov.
  • 9 Feb: Photographic Society – “Rudiments of Photography”
  • 10 Feb: Sixth Form dancing lesson. Parents Assoc outing to B’ham Rep Theatre “Three Cavaliers”.
  • 13 Feb: Classical Musical Society – “Music in fugal form”.
  • 14 Feb: Whole school visited local cinema for showing of film “Julius Caesar”.
  • 15 Feb: Astronomical Society meeting at 7:15am to see eclipse of sun, and talk on planet Jupiter.
  • 17 Feb: Dancing class held after school.
  • 22 Feb: Chemistry entrance test for King’s College, London, taken by Lloyd and Hawkins.
  • 24 Feb: Railway Society outing to South Wales.
  • 2 Mar: Interview for new Secretary. Mrs Goddard appointed. Classical Musical Society meeting – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
  • 3 Mar: School Secretary Mrs Blakemore leaves after 10 years’ service.
  • 6 Mar: New Secretary commenced duties.
  • 7 Mar: Site meeting of architects and builders on school field prior to building of Wood Green Sec Mod School.
  • 8 Mar: Visit of members of Gideon Society to present New Testaments to senior boys.
  • 9 Mar: Death of W F Evans (3G) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital after long illness. Funeral on 15th attend by boys of Form 3 and self.
  • 14 Mar: Science Society meeting – Mr F Scott on “Some radioactive atoms”.
  • 16 Mar: Performance of school play, “And so ad infinitum”.
  • 29 Mar: End of term. Whole school able to collect for final assembly.

Summer Term 1961

  • During the period April 5th-14th, 9 boys and Mr Mason and Mr Mantle (?) went camping at Yalland(?) Bay, Looe, Cornwall.
  • 24 Apr: Classical Musical Society meeting – Faure’s Requiem performed. Astronomical Society meeting at 9pm. Receipt of cheque from H J Barlow for Organ Fund (£10-10s)
  • 26 Apr: Extra Governors’ Meeting held to settle new SRAs following up-grouping of School from Group X to Group XIII. Photographic Society meeting held – illustrated lecture on use of colour films (Preece 5A).
  • 3 May: Party of boys went to W’ton Theatre to see “Gondoliers” by D’Oyly Carte company.
  • 19 May: Party of boys left for annual camp at Teddersley Park. Interview for music post.
  • 26 May: Railway Society outing to Swindon, Basingstoke, Reading, etc.
  • 30 May: Interview for senior Geography post.
  • 2 Jun: Royal Life Saving competition – all 6 boys presented with bronze medal.
  • 3 Jun: Parents’ Association outing to Woburn Abbey and Bedford – 2 coach loads went.
  • 5 Jun: Special meeting with staff of parents of boys in 3G and 4th forms.
  • 10 Jun: Interviewed parents and boys – new entrants for September.
  • 12 Jun: Meeting with Supplies Dept at Stafford to discuss requirements of F and E for new buildings.
  • 30 Jun: Parents of 9 over-age transfers from local secondary modern schools interviewed.
  • 7 Jul: Biology Paper II practical at Edgbaston.
  • 8 Jul: Parents v School annual cricket match won by School.
  • 10 Jul: Governors’ Meeting held in afternoon – Vice Chariman having to take over owing to changes of representation.
  • 11 Jul: Works outing to Rubery Owen. Astronomical Society outing to the Planetarium.
  • 14 Jul: Interviewed 4 further 11+ transfers with parents. Works visit to Walsall Lithographic Company.
  • 15 Jul: Sports Day rained off.
  • 17 Jul: 2nd form History outing to Ludlow, Stokesay and Buildwas.
  • 18 Jul: Geographical Society outing to London Airport.
  • 19 Jul: Junior History Society outing to North Wales to see castles.
  • 20 Jul: Sports held during afternoon.
  • 22 Jul: J Southall goes to All England Athletics Championships at Chesterfield – reaches semi-finals in junior 220 yds.
  • 24 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service held in St Paul’s Church – sermon preached by Rev W Russell Stuart (?) MA
  • 25 Jul: Swimming Sports held in Town Baths.
  • 27 Jul: End of term. Death reported of Councillor E Brunskill (?), Vice Chairman of Governors.

Autumn Term 1961

  • During the summer holidays a party of boys went to Switzerland under the supervision of Mr Coatham, and boys went to Horton-in-Ribblesdale camping with Mr Mason.
  • Following two site meetings it was decided, on August 20th, to delay the start of the new term from Sept 6th to Sept 13th.
  • 4 Sep: Interview of applications for vacancies in kitchen staff. Mrs Ellis and Mrs Cooper appointed.
  • 12 Sep: Staff meeting – welcome to new members – Mr Basten (Senior Geography), Mr Boyd (Music), Mr Bradley (woodwork), Mr Clifford (History).
  • 13 Sep: First day of term – 366 boys on registers – restricted accommodation.
  • 14 Sep: School settling down in confined conditions.
  • 20 Sep: Mr Hunt absent for day due to NAS strike action.
  • 3 Oct: Choir rehearsal – choir reformed.
  • 4 Oct: Visit of Mr W A Gibson Martin of Steel Federation to talk on “Steel in British Economy” and show film.
  • 12 Oct: Meeting of Debating Club.
  • 27 Oct: Visit of Mr Wong Ying Yoon (Malayan teacher coming for teaching practice).
  • 1 Nov: Debating Society first meeting.
  • 4 Nov: Parents’ Association bonfire party – about 200 present.
  • 8 Nov: Joe Caddick Cup result – School 7 Brewood 2 – cup won again this year.
  • 10 Nov: Interview for new kitchen staff – Mrs Franks appointed.
  • 13 Nov: Visit to London to hear electronic organs for School Hall.
  • 16 Nov: Visit of two HMIs and two architects from the Ministry.
  • 22 Nov: School closed for Staffordshire selection tests.
  • 1 Dec: Old Boys’ dinner held at School, 33 attend.
  • 5 Dec: Works visit to George Salter’s.
  • 8 Dec: Fifth and Sixth Form party at Girls’ High School.
  • 15 Dec: Carol evening in St Paul’s Church. Collection £10-14s in aid of research in muscular dystrophy.
  • 19 Dec: Debate and mock trial of Father Xmas.
  • 21 Dec: End of term. Mr A Jordan leaves to take up post with Essex authority.

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