ECW log for 1964

Spring Term 1964

  • During the holidays news received that S Lunn had been awarded the Open County Scholarship for Natural Sciences at Keble College, Oxford, and A Dangerfield an Exhibition for Modern Languages at St John’s College, Cambridge.
  • 7 Jan: School opened with 371 on the registers.
  • 9 Jan: Old Boys’ Dinner attended by 38 only.
  • 15 Jan: Chess team won 6-0 v Darlaston.
  • 28 Jan: Interviews for kitchen staff: Mrs Hollyhead appointed.
  • 31 Jan: Swimming gala v Darlaston GS won by 157-130.
  • 17 Feb: Death of Mr C S Kipping.
  • 20 Feb: Funeral service held in St Paul’s Church – older staff and 40-50 boys attended.
  • 21 Feb: Harpsichord and counter-tenor recital.
  • 22 Feb: Field Club outing to Cannock Chase.
  • 27 Feb: First night of school play (Macbeth).
  • 2 Mar: Normal school day. Headmaster goes to hospital (returns 5 Mar).
  • 6 Mar: Cycle Proficiency Tests. Badminton match v Handsworth GS. Lost 8-1.
  • 10 Mar: Some tenors and basses take part in St Matthew Passion at Stoke-on-Trent.
  • 13 Mar: Visit of Mr Kirkham, county adviser on technical education to discuss development of technical courses. Orchestra meets for practice.
  • 19 Mar: Parents of boys going on Easter continental holiday meet Mr Anderton.
  • 20 Mar: Various heats of Arts Festival. Orchestral practice. Fifth and Sixth form boys, plus staff, go to Girls’ High School for recital by Clinton Baddeley.
  • 24 Mar: Arts Festival held in evening attended by parents. Geological excursion to do field work at Church Stretton.
  • 25 Mar: End of term. Announced result of Arts Festival – O 159, L 129, M 118½, WG 102. Party of boys go youth hosteling in the Peak District with staff. Two boys attend Arron Field Centre for Geology and Biology course.
  • 4 Apr: First XI retain the Birmingham Grammar Schools cup by defeating Bilston GS 7-0 at the Hawthorns. Scorers Fellows 4, Darby, Dawson, Griffiths.
  • 4 Apr: Railway Society outing to loco sheds in Southern England.
  • 6-12 Apr: Trip to Lake District (6 Apr Windermere, 7 Apr Penrith, 8th Ambleside, Grasmere, 9th-10th Amkinder (?) (Eterwater(?)). 11th-12th Keswick.

Summer Term 1964

  • 15 Apr: Term started with 361 pupils on the registers and no changes of staff.
  • 17 Apr: Science staff and party of Sixth Form boys went to Birmingham University for British Association meeting.
  • 21 Apr: School photograph taken.
  • 27 Apr: German boy, De Groot, starts for Summer Term (Education Exchange).
  • 7 May: Italian O-level oral.
  • 9 May: Visit of PA to Whipsnade Zoo. Southall wins 100 yds (10 sec), 220yds (23 sec), and long jump (21’2½”) at Aldersley.
  • 10 May: Field Club outing to the Wrekin.
  • 11 May: Commencement of full inspection by Mr Matthewson HMI, Mr Gordon HMI, and Mr Roberts HMI. [Continued, with different inspectors until 15th.]
  • 25 May: Governors’ Meeting to hear report of HMIs.
  • 26 May: Cycling Proficiency tests held after school.
  • 6 Jun: Southall 2nd in 100 yds in 10.1 sec and 220yds in 22.1, in Midlands AAA.
  • 10 Jun: School Secretary leaves.
  • 12 Jun: Camp boys leave for week’s holiday at Teddersley Park.
  • 22 Jun: Announced that on 20 Jun Southall 100 yds in 9.9 sec, 220yds in 22.3 sec in Staffs AAA championship.
  • 23 Jun: Parents of boys in forms 1 and 2 meet staff.
  • 27 Jun: Open Day – well over 400 parents, friends and boys attended.
  • 30 Jun: Southall and Wright chosen to run for Staffordshire in All England Championships at Hendon on July 17th/18th.
  • 5 Jul: Field Club outing to Cannock Chase.
  • 13 Jul: Annual Commemoration Service. Preb Rev V Nicholls as visiting preacher. House plays and Sixth Form Revue.
  • 14 Jul: House plays. Oakeswell winners, Lodge 2nd, Manor 3rd, Wood Green 4th.
  • 15 Jul: Open doubles tennis finals.
  • 16 Jul: Swimming gala.
  • 17 Jul: End of term. Party of 10 boys go with Mr Dearne to North Wales Summer Camp, Jul 17th-31st. In the All England Championships held at Hendon, Southall 3rd in finals of 220 yds senior in 22.3 sec. Wright 2nd in final 440 yds junior in 54.5 sec.

Autumn Term 1964

  • During the holidays a summer camp was held at Port Dinorwic (?) and 4 boys went with Mr Mason (ex-master) on Pennine Way walk. No changes of staff.
  • 8 Sep: Term starts with 358 boys on registers.
  • 25 Sep: News of Kingston’s place at St John’s for October 1965.
  • 23 Oct: Receipt of report of inspectors.
  • 26 Oct: Railway Society outing to Swindon.
  • 2 Nov: Mr Foo Yong Seong from Malayan Teachers’ College for 1 month.
  • 3 Nov: Badminton v Edward Shelley 6-3.
  • 18 Nov: County 11+. School closed.
  • 19 Nov: Angling Society.
  • 27 Nov: Speech Day. Guest of Honour, Mr John Stonehouse, MP for Wednesbury.
  • 4 Dec: School 11-1 against Holyhead Road in Albion Shield.
  • 11 Dec: History Society outing to Shropshire. Sixth Form party at Girls’ School.
  • 15 Dec: Fur and feather whist drive. Visit of Lieut Commander L Mitchell to show film “Looking in on the Royal Navy”.
  • 17 Dec: Carol Evening. Donation of £7 sent to Shaftesbury Society.

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